Glenn S. Wrightson.........for Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia

for 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017                     "Practical Solutions for the Common Good"   
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Standard Issues 

As most "candidates" would say these days..... -

I am in favor of SAFETY  ...... TRANSPARENCY.....ACCOUNTABILITY.....etc.....etc.

am in favor of dredging for the Savannah port is accessible to larger vessels

am in favor of a new sport arena -

( except I believe we should first finish paying for the GA Dome - use GA Tech Stadium in the meantime and during construction - maybe build on the GA Dome site - DO NOT pancake new debt on existing debt ( City still owes $100,000,000 on the GA Dome ) )

am in favor of rapid transit - bullet trains to Athens / Savannah / Macon / and beyond

These are the easy issues to say, when running for political ofice

these are "given"....... so to speak 

and....... READ more topic tabs to the left for "specifics"